Our Hours

8 am to 5:30 pm

Poster pick up is at
1150 W. Medical Center

Due to rising costs, poster charges have increased to $11.00 per linear foot.

Poster Tubes

Due to popular demand we now offer carrying tubes for sale. They expand to hold posters from 24 to 42 inches.

$22 ea

BioChem Poster Printing



Before opening a Printing Ticket please read →
Then proceed to:


Supply the following information:
Your name
Email address
The shortcode you wish to charge payment to. If you intend to pay by check, write "Check" in the shortcode/check area.
Due date for poster (please allow 48 hours)
All special instructions, size or timing issues.

Upload your file.See below for requirements.

Where to pick up your poster

Posters are available for pick up from 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

What will it cost?

Poster printing is charged at the rate of $11 per linear foot.
42 X 24 inches $22
42 x 36 $33, etc.

Posters with a full ink coverage in the background are charged additionally ($7-$28) to cover the cost of the ink used.

Posters are printed either from a 36" or 42" wide roll.

Can I get a receipt?

After your poster has been printed you will receive an email notice for pick up; this email is also your receipt. In addition, the poster wrapper is a printed receipt.

Printing formats

Not all applications or image formats are suited to be printed in large format. Below you will find a list of the applications and formats required to print on the BioChem large format printers.

Preferred formats

Adobe Illustrator - Save as EPS or PDF. Make sure all figures are embedded.
Adobe Photoshop - Save as PNG. Do not upload JPG.
Adobe InDesign - Save InD or PDF
Microsoft Powerpoint - Save as PPT and PDF

Should I use Microsoft Powerpoint?

While easy to use and manipulate, Powerpoint is a poor substitute for an actual "print-ready" application like Adobe Illustrator. Frequently image formats, fonts, resolution, and layout are not consistent from screen-to-print, or cross-platform (we use a Mac). Furthermore, the drop-shadow effect is rarely successful as it is designed for low-resolution projection. It is our recommendation that Powerpoint be avoided for large format printing, however, if you no alternative other than Powerpoint, please save the file as a PDF and send both the PDF and the Powerpoint file.

What size should I use?

Please note that our printer uses either a 36" or 42" inch roll, and can only be trimmed for a $6.00 charge. We recommend that you design your poster to be 36 or 42 inches in one direction; the other direction can be up to 96 inches.

Templates and logo resources

Please refer to the following link regarding appropriate usage of the University of Michigan trademark.
University of Michigan Identity Guidelines


Adobe Illustrator
42" x 60" poster, 4 columns
42" x 48" poster, 3 columns
42" x 36" poster, 3 columns


eps | jpg
eps | jpg
eps | jpg
eps | jpg

Here are some other sites for poster printing:

Poster printing on campus: http://guides.lib.umich.edu/content.php?pid=222792&sid=1856986
Campus Computing Sites: http://www.itcs.umich.edu/sites/printing/poster.php
MLIbrary: http://www.lib.umich.edu/techdeck/poster-printing
Duderstadt Center: http://www.dc.umich.edu/posterprinting/











About Our Service

Please read all before ordering a poster

Large format poster printing is available at the Department of Biological Chemistry in the School of Medicine to the university community. Posters may only be printed through BioChem office personnel; individuals do not have access to directly connect their computers to the large format printer. All posters are ordered through our ticketing service.

Poster charges may only be paid by check (made out to "Department of Biological Chemistry"), or by department shortcode. We do not accept credit card charges or cash.

We request 48 hours lead time for printing under most circumstances; however, we often print on the same day, but cannot guarantee it. High volume printing jobs such as seminars require special scheduling.

All of our posters are printed either from a 36" or 42" wide roll. While we can print to a requested length, we charge a $6 fee to physically trim the roll width. Please see below for more information about paper sizes, surface, and charges.

If you are going to send us a Powerpoint file, please be sure to send a pdf version of the same file as well. This helps us reconcile issues. See below for our recommended file formats.