Biochemistry Graduate Programs

Biological Chemistry at Michigan is a particularly distinguished department, dating from the appointment of Victor Vaughan, who was an early member of the National Academy of Sciences and a founder of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, as the first professor of biochemistry in a medical school in this country. The tradition of excellence in research and teaching continues with the present faculty of more than forty-six members with diverse research interests covering modern biochemistry and molecular biology. The faculty includes scientists who have received national and international recognition with honorary degrees and membership in the National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of London, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Institute of Medicine.

M.S. Program

This one-year program consists of didactic coursework in biochemistry and an intensive research experience. This program is intended for individuals seeking to increase their skills and research experience for employment opportunities or for application to highly competitive Ph.D. programs. Obtaining a M.S.

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program provides a broad scientific background along with research specialization that together equip students for outstanding careers. Current areas of research include structural biology, protein biochemistry, enzyme reaction mechanisms, molecular genetics, signal transduction, neurobiology, and cell and developmental biology, along with cooperative research between laboratories or departments. Our Ph.D. graduates include two Nobel Prize winners and numerous others holding major academic positions or responsible positions in research institutes or research-oriented companies.Obtaining a Ph.D.

Curious about the UM experience? Ask a Graduate Student

Students interested in the Department of Biological Chemistry may find it useful to ask one our current graduate students about their experience. If you would like to be in touch with a student, ask here.

Interested in what our students are publishing?

Students enrolled in the Department of Biological Chemistry regularly publish their research. If you would like to read some current papers look here.