Curriculum Support

There are a number of tools and services available to faculty instructors at the University of Michigan. RITC (http://www.ritc.med.umich.edu) staff are available for consultation and happy to help any Biological Chemistry faculty in determining ways that technology can aid and supplement their teaching. Below you can find more detailed information about existing services here at the university.

Online Tools
Campus Resources

Online Tools available To UM Faculty


CTools is UM's online system for research, project and course management. You can use Ctools to manage:

  • Distribution of Course Information
  • Managing Course Materials/Schedules
  • Linking to Online Materials
  • Online Communication
  • Student Assignment Submission
  • Online Grading


UM.Lessons is a web-based assessment tool designed by University of Michigan instructors, instructional designers, and software developers. It provides instructors with an easy and flexible medium to create customized lessons for their students. Once students finish a lesson, the instructor can retrieve student responses, as well as student and class statistics. Questions can be in the form of multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, or survey. They can also include resources such as images, sound clips and movies.


UM.SiteMaker is a web-based program, originated at the University of Michigan, that lets non-technical people make highly customized websites and web-databases. If you'd like to make a website for a project or activity but don't have the time to learn HTML, this may be the answer for you.

Conferencing on the Web (COW)

Conferencing on the Web (COW) is a bulletin board service which instructors and students can access from the Internet. The conference owner can set up a structure of topics to discuss, with conversations under each topic.

Campus Resources for Instructional Technology

Teaching and Technology Collaborative
The University of Michigan Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TTC) works to help faculty connect with services and resources that support their teaching.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a focus of activity for the support of the curriculum for the M.D. degree. The LRC serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and students interested in learning about, exploring and developing computer-based technologies used in medical education.

The LRC maintains two computer labs with over 130 Macintosh and PC computers available on a walk-in basis. Users have access to a variety of office, educational, and multimedia software programs, high-speed black and white laser printers, and color printing options.

State-of-the-art equipment and professional consultation offer faculty the opportunity to explore the use of technology in education and to upgrade their current teaching materials to a digital format or to create new computer-based materials.

More information on the Faculty Development Station is available here: http://www.med.umich.edu/lrc/fac_dev/

Faculty Exploratory
A program as well as a facility, the Faculty Exploratory was designed specifically for faculty at the University of Michigan to enhance lecturing, research and publishing skills.

Some of the services available through the Faculty Exploratory:

Free workshops on- Endnote, Sitemaker, Copyright Essentials, Online Quizzes and Surveys, Finding Funding Sources, Ctools (basic to advanced), Academic Research with Google

Multimedia Workstations
In addition to helping you with software applications, they can help you digitize video, audio, photographs and slides for your classes and presentations on our multimedia workstations.

Visit their website for guides on bibliographic management, graphic design, microsoft office, web design and more.